Best co-working space in Bangalore for startups

StartupHuts is a cosy & comfortable co-working space in Bangalore started by IIM & IIT alumni. Created for freelancers & startups, it provides the perfect ecosystem to work in collaboration This shared office space in Bangalore is suitable for entrepreneurs coming from any field. It offers plug & play office space at a reasonable cost with flexible payment plans. Using regular mentorship programs and networking events, people can tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship.

StartupHuts is one stop place for all your startup needs. Our members get the wide array of benefits starting from mentor-ship, funding support, office space and a great community. We believe that a great ecosystem and friendly discussions generate better idea. A startup can grow better in community by helping each other..

To provide contemporary co-working spaces, engaging programs, comprehensive support and inspiring opportunities for our community that fosters innovation and commercial successes in a collaborative environment.
We provide an environment and a space that brings together a group of like-minded companies who provide support, opportunities and a culture that promotes a mind set for collaboration and growth.
While coworking was developed to be something anyone could take and run with, the people who are responsible for shaping it into a global movement recognized the need to articulate some of the key elements that make coworking the special thing that it is..


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