6 productivity tips for the freelancers

Freelancing is great for many people these days. It gives them a feeling of independence and being their own boss. Because of the personal lifestyle, work pressure & anxiety, distractions, noise, multiple options etc., it becomes highly difficult for a freelancer to manage things and keep the productivity at his or her best.

However, it is not that difficult if below suggestions are followed little seriously:-

1. Always plan in advance for the next day.
A clear plan for the next day activity keeps you laser focussed about what is important and what is not. It helps you prioritise yourself for important things first. Make a realistic a TO-DO list for every single day. Try to stick to it and learn to say ‘NO’ to those unimportant things which come in between.

2. Be a morning person.
Successful people are disciplined and normally wake up early. Getting up early gives you extra few hours for yourself. It gives you a peace time to think. Creativity and ideas flow best at this time. It makes you feel more energetic and enthusiastic to plan for the upcoming challenges of the day.

3. Take care of your health.
While finishing up the work and meeting a deadline is highly important, the importance of our health should never be neglected. We forget that whatever we do in our life is for ourselves and our family. Like work, try to plan your day for everything. Take out at least 30 minutes to an hour for yourself to exercise. Exercising keeps you healthy and motivated. It prepares you for the challenges ahead. Always have your meals on time. If possible, find at least 30 minutes of time to meditate daily either early morning or before sleeping. Meditation increases your concentration and productivity.

4. Better work from a coworking space.
As a freelancer, it is great to work from home. You get the comfort of home and get the luxury of working whatever way you want. However, you will have to accept the fact that home is definitely not a good solution for working remotely and alone. It is full of distractions. You always work alone with no social activity involved. After a certain point of time, it makes one feel lonely, frustrated and less productive.

Joining a coworking space is the best solution for any freelancer. Here one meets like-minded people. Socializing just happens over a cup of coffee. It’s very easy to take help from the coworkers. Everyone works here for mutual benefit which is great.

5. Use right tools.
To be productive, it is important to know and use the right software tools. Try to use tools which can automate your work. Make your life super easy.

Note Taking Applications like Evernote, is great and super easy mobile application for taking instant notes, planning & sharing your day to day activity.
Small business Accounting Softwares like Quickbooks, Freshbooks etc., keeps your financials in place by organising and automating most of the accounting works. You can easily send an invoice from anywhere using such apps which are super easy.

Use Project Management applications to manage tasks, plan your activities, share project works, keep track of your time, and much more.

Backup Applications like Dropbox, Google Drive etc is a life saver. Google application for work comes with many other free tools starting from email for work to calendars and video conferencing.

6. Surround yourself with right people.
Don’t waste your time with people who spreads negativity. Make friends who love to discuss on the things that excite you. Work with people whose thoughts and work inspire you.

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