A Complete Guide to Your Coworking Space

Guide to Your Coworking Space

Coworking is style of work that engages a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. The lure of working and collaborating in a coworking space can be similar to the buzz of a start-up environment and unlike the uninspiring practice of the archetypal office cubicle.  Although the “coworking cohort” is at the vanguard of the future of work, according to Google Trends it’s still only in its commencement stage with an increasing number of people probing for the term “coworking”.

One can say that the coworking phenomenon is occurring around world and is elevating a new kind of workforce that is covering from the generation X, Y to Z’s. In other words it’s no longer about age or location, it’s about the evolving landscape of employment fueled by new inaccessible working technology and the ascend of next generation of coworking spaces like StartupHuts that is more than just a wi-fi connection and a seat.  StartupHuts offers a cozy, co-working solution offering a unique ecosystem for startups by providing calm, customized, plug & play dedicated as well as open workplaces.

On visiting a coworking space one is bound to notice few things first hand. Unlike an emblematic office coworkers are usually individual entrepreneurs or freelancers from various backgrounds who have been put together in a common space and are forming connections and relationships that otherwise may not have occurred.

How to Choose a Healthy Coworking Space

This situation completely depends on the person finding the coworking space and what are his likes and dislikes or his individual style of work. For example, some of the factors that many people use to choose are monthly cost, internet bandwidth, amenities, workshop availability, networking events, printer or weekend, conference rooms, or a mailing address.

How to Compare Coworking Cost

The cost is bound to vary from city to city and according to what plan you choose that is part-time/on-demand desk to full-time permanent workstation. When bearing in mind costs think about what coworking features and services are most important to you and sort out the necessities from the nice-to-haves.

Getting To Know What Facilities Coworking Spaces Have

Amenities will range from the basics like free filtered water, coffee or tea to more chic options like free breakfast or lunch that gives that thrilling startup feeling. Even though the pricing will vary for what amenities one is expecting most facilities have access to all the basics like printers, scanners/copiers, high-speed internet, work desks, meeting rooms and mailing addresses to accept your packages.

The Pros and Cons of Coworking

Like any new way of working one needs to find what is best for them and their needs.


-Devoted/business-grade high-speed internet access and other standard office amenities

-An opportunity to mingle and rub elbows with other entrepreneurs & freelancers

-Constant learning environment based on the variety of workers from diverse professions and backgrounds

-Short “commute” as you can select one which is accessible by you

-In-house networking events and happy hours


-Hidden costs can be confusing so you need to read the fine print before signing-up

-Might not be available in the weekends or 24/7

-Some can be rather quiet where networking and general interactions are not the priority

-Can be initially lonely since you will basically be the “new guy” and workers can be quite transient

As the workplace of the future is changes quickly and people finding new creative ways to work there will be a need of meaningful work environments that allow easy collaboration with like-minded people. Here working from a coworking space will benefit as it will offer a certain kind of personality, comfort with facilities resulting in a healthy growth-mindset.

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