Guide to be productive in a co-working environments.

Most of the coworking spaces around the world provide a large common open space to work. There is a similar trend among most of the coworking spaces in Bangalore as well. Experts suggest that working in a collaborative and shared environment brings more creativity, efficiency, productivity and networking. While there are multiple benefits for freelancers and startups to work in a coworking space, some find it hard to be productive and efficient working in these environments. Because of open space, these places are most of the time noisy and crowded causing the distraction. It is very practical that an optimal noise is good for concentration, creativity and productivity. But many times such spaces get overcrowded with full of noise which hinders the creativity, efficiency and productivity of an individual or a team.

If you are one of those individuals or a team who face this situation every day while working in such places, you can follow few tips to stay focused and efficient.

1. Set clear goals and To-Do list for every day.
Always set your goals for the next day. Maintain a TO-DO list for each day. Clear goals and must-do list define your priority for each day and avoid you from getting into unimportant tasks. Try to stick to it and finish it at any cost. Try “Evernote”. This straightforward mobile application is useful for making a list of work every day.

2. Try to have self-discipline.
It is not easy to stay away from distractions in a coworking environment due to different people doing various exciting things. You must understand that why you are there. Your everyday task is your priority and try to complete it first. Wasting time on paying attention to what others are doing, having discussions on unimportant topics for long hours, spending time with other people for long hours or an idea of an hour long lunch is not always right. Stop wasting more time on social media. Turn off your mobile notification volume. You must learn to say “No” to unimportant things and stay focused on important things. Have time for everything in a controlled and focused manner.

3. Take regular breaks
Do not work for long hours without any break. Scientists and experts suggest that taking small breaks during work is better for productivity.
Work for 30-40 minutes without any distractions and then rest for 5 minutes wherein which you can relax, have a small walk or slight conversation with the nearby person. Keep a water bottle and drink water every hour to refresh yourself.

4. Plan your day around how you feel
You need first to observe which is the best time when you are most energetic and active. Most people are highly productive in the morning, little lazy or dull post lunch and almost tired in the evening. You must plan your work accordingly. You might use your highly energetic time for finishing your most important task. Further, you can use those lazy and boring hours for emails, discussions and networking with other like-minded people. Planning your work according to these timings can help you stay more productive.

5. Collaborate with like-minded people.
It is right that you are mostly what your friends and individuals around are. When you work in an open environment, you find various kind of people. You must interact with everyone who comes to you. However, you choose to make your friends wisely. There are many who people will love to appreciate your ideas and work on your ideas unconditionally.

6. Try to choose workspace according to your taste.
Many people go by the buzz. Do not select a shared space just because it is popular. There is nothing called perfect workspace. While one workspace might be right for one, might not be right for you. Try to choose a membership plan which is suitable to your personality. A person not comfortable with flexible seating should opt a dedicated or cabin workspace with assigned fixed seat. You can customise your place with other things which motivate you. You must understand your individual needs. It is not easy to create the best environment for each person in a space where people work in collaboration. However, you can also choose a smaller sized coworking space which has a decent crowd but like minded people.

StartupHuts is a coworking space in HSR Layout, Bangalore which promotes collaborative work culture in a productive way. It is designed beautifully taking into account of most individual’s needs. It is one such place which is not that crowded and chaotic.

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