Tips for Networking in a shared workspace in Bangalore

Networking is an essential skill. If you happen to be a person working from a shared workspace in Bangalore, this is the first place where you can make real connections. Below networking tips would surely help:-

1. Do not hesitate to start your first conversation.
You don’t have to be different to start your first conversation. So, just ditch your inferiority or superiority traits. Stay normal. Be confident & positive and keep a smile. Say simple “Hi” and this is what it takes to start a conversation. People in Bangalore are a mix of various cultures. Dilemmas and challenges experienced by them as a self-starter is common. Thinking too much about what others would feel about you, is just a mental blockage. Do not start selling your products or services immediately during your first introduction. They are the people working in the same office space. You can speak about it, maybe in your next meetups. Initial conversations should be about personalisation.

2. Always help others.
Shared workspaces are the places where people can work in collaboration with other freelancers or teams. Be generous in offering your help. Help and try to solve the problems of others when they look for a help. Do not think or expect too much from others in return. They will help when you are in need. You will build strong relations by helping each other.

3. Take breaks and socialise during Coffee or lunch.
Always seating in front of your computer or laptop screen is not a great idea. Take breaks at regular intervals. Have coffee or lunch with like minded people. Discuss and share your ideas. You can engage in meaningful discussions on various things. You may discuss the things you are working on. Challenges you are facing. Be patient to listen to other’s view. You must restrict yourself from any kind of altercation or heated arguments. Accept the diversity in the views. Please understand that we all are different and will have different opinions. It’s better to accept others how they are and what they think.

Do not ever enter into any futile gossips or office politics. It is rather best not to crib about your office problems. You should always spread positivity.

4. Host a knowledge sharing or playful activity.
Good entrepreneurs and freelancers are always ready to learn new things. They love to engage in meaningful activities. Organise a knowledge sharing event in the subject of your expertise. It can be even some playful event. You may even ask others to join hands in conducting such activities. This is the best way to connect and engage with people in your workspace. Interacting with people during these sessions is great to establish a bond. Further, always be part of the activities organised by other members.

5. Attend events organised in-house in your shared workspace.
Most coworking spaces in Bangalore organise frequent in-house networking events. They call guest speakers who are subject matter experts or have gone through same troubled waters. Never miss this chance to meet such people.

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