Why pick Coworking Space in Bangalore over coffee points?

Startup culture in Bangalore has grown matured. Freelance individuals or startups here find many options to work out of the comfort zones of home. It is very common to see people working from Coffee shops like Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Cafe, etc. While you get the essential facility and a place to work from a coffee shop, it also has many problems and challenges. Opinions differ for many people as it is all about the choice. However, the idea here is to convey why still most people do not prefer to work from a coffee shop and find coworking space in Bangalore as the best option.

Taking work assistance is easy.
A coffee shop is not a place where you can look for help if you are stuck. However, culture in a coworking office in promotes helping each other. Unlike coffee shops, here people with different skillsets come only for the professional reasons. In most cases, you will quickly find a person there who can assist you with your work.

Relationship Building & Bussiness Networking
The concept of coworking is popular because it provides an opportunity to an entrepreneur to build relationships and hence business. Meeting people or team, discussing & debating on ideas or business gives more time for personalization. It is perfect for finding the right partner and prospective business clients. One can not have this easily while working from a coffee shop regularly.

The coffee shop is distracting and sometimes noisy.
A coffee shop is a point for any person. Some come for a change. Some come for group fun or casual talks. It is not easy to remain distraction-free in such crowded and noisy place. Whereas in people in coworking places come for work. And they know and are careful about their activities which might disturb others.

Advantage of a full-fledged Office
While you get wifi and a place to discuss one on one with your client in a coffee shop, you get the benefit of availing complete office facilities in a coworking office. Mostly all such offices provide high bandwidth internet, full power backup, conference rooms, pay per use printing, scanning and fax, laptops on the lease, a separate shared kitchen, washrooms, etc. Further, you can also mention its address as your office communication address which looks more professional. Offices in Bangalore are coming up with the innovative concept. The idea is to provide as much comfort and flexibility. Apart from working on bean bags and open terrace, some also allow pets.

Flexible & reasonable pricing with more benefits
It is always costly spending whole day in a coffee shop on a regular basis. During rush hours, coffee shops will not allow you to work if you are not giving beverages or snacks order at regular intervals. Coworking spaces in Bangalore offer reasonable pricing with flexible plans. You can even choose an office on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Pricing can start from as little as Rs. 100 which is sometimes lesser than what you spend in a coffee shop.

Safety of your belongings
Each person gets a locker in a shared office space setup. Your belongings are safe in your locker when roaming around for work, refreshment or anything. It is not what you can have in a coffee point.

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