Reasons for women founders to choose a Co-working Space in Bangalore

According to the online survey conducted in 2012 by Womensweb  on women and entrepreneurship in India, Bangalore leads all other cities in the presence of female entrepreneurs. The study also highlights the significant challenges by these female entrepreneurs while starting and operating their business. Starting solo and getting business is more challenging for a woman.

In the tough journey of entrepreneurship, working from a coworking space is a boon for women for several reasons:

1. The best way to come out of isolation.
Because of their personal & societal challenges, most women start small as a freelancer or sole proprietor. It becomes difficult to run a business from home and feels isolating & depressing over a period. The startup community in a coworking space is vibrant in Bangalore. Interacting with them feels like you are social and up for something great. Socialising here with other females helps you correlate with your challenges.

Further for some of the women especially those coming from small towns and are not confident enough, working and socialising in the coworking community is an asset.

2. Opportunity to learn from your peers.
Researching and learning a topic is perfect. But you don’t need to learn everything by studying and reading from internet or books. There are some challenges which are common among small entrepreneurs. You can easily learn from the peers how they counter those problems. In just a short discussion on a coffee or having a look at how they do the work, can teach you great things. You will easily learn the type of productivity tools people are using. How they are trying to build teams? How they coordinate with their teams in remote? How they prioritise their work?

Talking to different people will help a woman understand the different point of views and industry.

3. Mentorship Benefits
However, there is a good number of shared offices in Bangalore; women entrepreneurs must choose only one where you can get the chance to be mentored by someone who has the experience of building a sustainable business from scratch or someone who has real experience of running a business. The survival rate of a mentored business is more than a non-mentored business. Coworking spaces like StartupHuts etc. provide excellent mentorship to the startups. You get a chance to be mentored by the founders who are from IIM & IIT and have significant experience in starting and running multiple startups & businesses. StartupHuts also invites other industry experts for giving their insights to the member startups.

3. Working by sharing.
Women are considered better at managing the multiple works at once as compared to men. However, there is always a need in a business where you would be looking for help, or you would have deliverables to meet, but you would not have the skill or resource to complete it within deadlines. People in Bangalore working from coworking spaces help each other in their work. Being woman is great, but taking help and helping others is greater. Further working together, can easily help you in finding right people to work with in future.

4. Building a business by networking.
Women entrepreneurs while working in a coworking space can build great professional relationships. It helps in getting new clients.

5. Getting Physical Office at a reasonable price.
Women’s web survey also suggests that most female entrepreneurs start a business from their personal savings with a capital amount of less than Rs. 1 lakh. At the same time, having an office let them separate their personal and professional needs and priority. But taking a dedicated office during the initial years of business is a challenge due to cost. Looking for a coworking or shared office space is best and viable option in this situation. Bangalore women have a lot of choices for coworking. You will get all the amenities of an ideal office in Bangalore at a reasonable price. You also get the physical location for your office communications which looks more professional.

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